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fakehairsales's Journal

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buy, sell, and promote
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Made to replace fakehair_market

Auctions: Please post when you list your auctions then again a day or 2 before they end.
Direct Sales: Feel free to post as you like. If you have a hair shop online, please let me know. Eventually I would like to put a list of shops in the userinfo.
Buying: Feel free to post inquiries to for people in your area.

above all, play nice. Mean people will be banned.

cimmorene is you friendly neighbourhood moderator. Please do not make her get out thee drama stick.

A list of shops run by members of this community:
Heidiblue Custom Hair Located in Madison WI, USA

Jaded Dreads Located in Illinois, USA

Spooky Star DOT com

FauxyHair, located in Colorado, USA

Tragic Hair Falls located in New Jersey, USA

Goth Locks by Starr Located in Atlanta Georgia, USA

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